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Meet Pat Coyle

Pat Coyle (smiling guy on the right), is a veteran of the sports industry. Connecting people is his purpose. Through Coyle Media, Pat works with partners to build programs that help people come together for good.


Building programs for good

We're always working on good stuff

Humans are social animals. We are designed to live together. But world events and new technologies can sometimes disrupt community in unexpected or unintended ways. That's where we step into the fray. 

Here are a few of our current programs...



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Promoting Mental Health

We are helping student athletes choose to turn off social media, just for one day, so they can feel the mental health benefits of investing more time IRL.


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Spreading Thankfulness

The Gratitude Wall is a work in progress. We are working with our friends at to build a program that increases happiness thru gratitude.


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Strengthening Community

We are organizing Togetherness Rallies and planting Togetherness Benches in communities across America.

Our Community

We aim to make the world a better place for everyone, but we can't do it without you.



Coyle Media can bring its programs to you, or help you build your own.



Our programs drive impact and impressions, but they need financial fuel from companies like yours.



We have set up a 501C3 Togetherness Fund to enable tax deductible donations to any of our programs.

Let's discuss how we might work together - to connect more people and do more good!


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