Social Sports Poll

Keep pace with changes in digital sports, and maximize profits from social & mobile fans…

The Social Sports Poll is a innovative and affordable resource which helps sports properties understand social and mobile fans, and gain insights that lead to more profitable strategies.

Purpose – To help sports properties to better understand fan opinions, preferences and behaviors in web, social media and mobile channels

Participants – qualified professional and college teams, sports media

Methodology – E surveys distributed via Facebook, Twitter, Web, E mail

Analysis – Coyle Media + Indiana University School of Sports Management lead by Galen Clavio, PhD.

Benefits – Valuable team specific + global market information, updated frequently, at a fraction of the cost it would take to do it on your own. Teams receive data / results from their fans along with a detailed report which reviews findings across all participating teams, and draws insights and application points.

Opportunity – In addition to reports and data, participating teams are invited to collaborate with other teams on conference calls and in face-to-face meetings to dig deeper and find more ways to apply the findings.

Timing – Surveys fielded quarterly to keep data fresh and relevant to the latest developments in fast-moving digital marketplace

For information – or to get your team involved with the Poll, please contact Pat Coyle via this form.