Introducing “Fanographie” summits for 2012″

As we enter year five of our event production, we’ve made a decision to expand the conversation from just sports to include entertainment, consumer brands and news media as well. Our expanded events will be called, “Fanographie Summits” and they will cater to professionals working on the digital side of sports, entertainment and news entities as well as the brands that use these channels for advertising, and the technology companies that stir the mix.

Fanographie Schedule:

London – 27 March 2012 (see photos from the event here)

New York – Ocotber 2012

Pat Coyle 2012 Speaking Schedule:

Stadium Business Summit – Turin, Italy – May 15-16
(Fan Experience Forum)

DCM EastNew York – June 19

Pat Coyle’s previous speaking engagements:

College Sports Digital Media Summit – Dallas – April 2011

Big 10 Marketing Meeting – Indianapolis – March 2011

Digital Content Monetization – New York – October 2010 – view

Australian League Football (AFL) Industry Conference – November 2010

PGA Tour Fall Conference (Tournaments) – December 2010