Pat Coyle joins InStadium as VP Audience Platforms

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Chicago (October 15, 2013) – InStadium is excited to announce its recent hire of Pat Coyle, who is moving from the role of Senior Strategic Advisor to the full time position of Vice President of Audience Platforms. Within this role, Coyle will lead InStadium’s effort to leverage technology, enhance fan experience and drive value for InStadium and its ecosystem partners. Coyle’s proven background in building, scaling, and implementing new technologies in the sports market will help ensure InStadium’s continued growth.

Coyle comes to InStadium with 16 years of experience in the sports world. Most recently, he ran his own company, Coyle Media, where he counseled dozens of sports properties across the NFL, NBA, NHL, NASCAR, PGA TOUR, NCAA, and beyond. Coyle previously spent 11 years with the Indianapolis Colts as Director of Marketing.

“We’ve been fortunate to get to know Pat as we’ve worked together on a number of strategic initiatives over several months,” said Barrett Davie, InStadium’s EVP and Founder. “He is an incredible person, smart, action-oriented, and very highly regarded by those professionals in the industry who are focused on enabling and enhancing game day experience. It will be awesome to have him on board full time!”

Within the new role, Coyle’s responsibilities include expanding InStadium’s content and revenue strategies from planning to execution. Coyle will also be responsible for continuing the testing and implementation of InStadium’s mobile strategy, developing and executing InStadium’s technology stewardship plan, and overseeing the roll out of new content management networks. In addition, Coyle will play a large role in building and managing InStadium’s partner ecosystem to solidify and expand relationships with teams.

Coyle’s experience and vision make him an optimal addition to the InStadium team and integral part of the company’s future.

Pat Coyle can be reached via [email protected]

Enthuse mobile app seeks college students who want to work in sports

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One of my clients, Enthuse, just announced a college ambassador program. If you know any college students looking to gain experience working in sports / social media, please let them know!

See slides below, or follow this link for details

Enthuse is poised for rapid growth thanks to its mobile loyalty platform which is focused on improving fan experiences and driving revenue opportunities for schools, conferences, pro teams, leagues, sponsor brands and sports media.

Read TechCrunch article on Enthuse here

Here’s how students can apply:

1. Download Enthuse app for your iPhone or Android device.
2. Follow your school’s teams on Enthuse.
3. Start inviting friends to download & use Enthuse, and get their feedback.
4. Send resume & a cover letter telling us why you’re the perfect fit & two ideas you have to generate buzz on your
campus to [email protected]
5. Be sure to let use know your handles on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Good luck!

Steelers vs. Cowboys in social media co-opetition

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Finally, two sports teams that get it!
The Steelers face the Cowboys this Sunday in Dallas, and thanks to some clever work by each team’s digital crews, the franchises are competing in social media spheres as well.

Steelers & Cowboys are evenly matched in both realms.

Both teams have 7-6 records this season, and they’re battling for playoff spots; and each has around 5 million social media fans to date. Regardless of what happens on the field, the team that adds more social followers will win the social battle. OK, this is small consolation, but fun stuff all the same!

IMO, the Steelers and Cowyboys should be commended on taking an enlightened view of digital media. The contest page lives on both teams’ sites. The page allows fans to share the contest with their friends, and vote for either team. So in theory, a Steelers fan could vote for the black and gold right from the Cowboys page. Be still my heart!

View Steelers page
View Cowboys page

What’s cool about this, to me, is that the teams are working together. They know their fans don’t like the other team, so they’re giving fans a means to “defeat” the other team. This is empowering in a weird (but good) way for fans. It’s a pride thing. And we’ve seen this type of thing work before.

Campbell’s Chunky Soup launched its “Click for Cans” promotion in 1998 and let it run for more than 10 years. The long run of this program hinged on one thing: fans want their teams to win. When I worked at Colts we used to get calls and E mails from season ticket holders every year when this campaign was running. Our fans begged us to promote the contest so Colts would win…and since Chunky wasn’t a sponsor, this presented the team with a bit of a conundrum: please fans, or toe the financial line? (And this pre-dates Facebook).

Click for Cans had one thing that this new contest is missing: a prize. The Chunky contest allowed NFL fans to earn soup for hungry people in their cities. The Steelers vs. Cowboys tilt offers no such payoff for fans. I’d like to see a tangible prize, maybe the owner of the losing team tweeting his concession with a twitpic of himself wearing opponents jersey.

I also think teams should have even more fun with this contest. Hold a press conference – or maybe record one on Google Hangout and post online. There needs to be some context, or back story built here. Let’s have the teams come right out and say “our fans are better than your fans, and we can prove it!” Then each team should be ready with quotes for the media illustrating why their fans are better than other team’s fans….poking fun in a lighthearted way at the other team as LA Kings did during playoffs last year. That’s how this program gets picked up on major media, which is what is really needed for it to tip / trend.

Anyway, I love to see campaigns like this and believe there should be more like it. Great use of social to engage and empower fans. It also reminds me of what Miracle Whip did with its “we’re not for everyone” campaign. People follow teams (and brands) because they love them. Which naturally means they “hate” the opposition. Without a worthy foe sports would be boring! Give fans a chance to express themselves along the lines of your rivalries. It’s fun for fans, and will net big results for the team.

I don’t have a dog in this fight, but I hope both teams get a million new followers out of the deal.


Email Power Rankings for MLB teams

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How did E mail become the “other” white meat? While everyone is going crazy over social media, I suspect Email is getting overlooked and underutilized by many professional sports teams. With this suspicion on my brain I set out recently to do a little research using baseball teams as my subjects. The results of my research are illustrated below (MLB E mail Power Rankings). If you’d like to know more about this study, its methodology or its implications for your club, please drop me a line.