Enthuse mobile app seeks college students who want to work in sports

Posted January 10th, 2013 by Pat Coyle   •   1 Comment   

One of my clients, Enthuse, just announced a college ambassador program. If you know any college students looking to gain experience working in sports / social media, please let them know!

See slides below, or follow this link for details

Enthuse is poised for rapid growth thanks to its mobile loyalty platform which is focused on improving fan experiences and driving revenue opportunities for schools, conferences, pro teams, leagues, sponsor brands and sports media.

Read TechCrunch article on Enthuse here

Here’s how students can apply:

1. Download Enthuse app for your iPhone or Android device.
2. Follow your school’s teams on Enthuse.
3. Start inviting friends to download & use Enthuse, and get their feedback.
4. Send resume & a cover letter telling us why you’re the perfect fit & two ideas you have to generate buzz on your
campus to [email protected]
5. Be sure to let use know your handles on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Good luck!

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  1. Carter says:

    With all the social media platforms available to sports PR practitioners it is no wonder that a company like Enthuse has developed this platform of engagement and incentives for the millions of loyal sports fans. As the fans of today are flocking to social media to stay connected to their favorite teams, PR has experienced a bit of a paradigm shift and the implementation of web based pages for fan updates and interaction is a must for each organization. I believe Enthuse will be embraced with open arms due to the rewards that fans will receive for doing what they already want to do in the first place – connect with their teams. I think PR executives would be wise to partner with Enthuse as the company begins to grow. If so many fans are currently relying on social media to gain information regarding their teams it only makes sense that when presented with a new social media option that also rewards these fans with cool free stuff from their beloved teams they would jump at the opportunity. I think it is a great idea, and the grass roots kickoff by young people in person on-site at the various athletic events is a great idea. I expect Enthuse to gain momentum quickly.

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