MLS Digital unveils new social, mobile local strategies for 2012

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I had a chat recently with Chris Schlosser, G.M. of MLS Digital. We spoke about everything from MLS’ new “Kick TV” channel on YouTube, its league-wide partnership with FourSquare, digital innovation occurring in local markets like Kansas City (Livestrong Park) and the future of MLS and social TV. Chris is a visionary leader in digital sports, and MLS is particularly interesting to me because of its young and tech-savvy fan base. Also, I just returned from Fanographie London at Emirates Stadium (home of Arsenal FC). Now that I’ve been over the pond, I am growing more interested in soccer every day. Watch the video below.

If you don't have time to watch the video from start to finish, here's a quick guide to the conversation. Just forward to the time mark to hear what we're saying about the various topics liste:

1:00 Social media
1:22 Content, conversations, service to fans
1:35 MLS Twitter
1:51 MLS mobile app (use Twitter for customer service)
2:18 Club examples (Twitter)
3:10 MLS subscription product
3:39 Mobile focus
4:10 Kick TV / Social TV
4:43 Kick TV explained
5:33 Video has to be different
5:42 Social TV / 2nd screen
6:48 Foursquare - curating world around you
7:19 Badges
7:40 Early returns / results from Foursquare
8:50 Livestrong, Sporting Kansas City
9:15 Sporting KC - member benefits
10:01 Livstrong example
10:59 Engaging fans with technology
11:40 What's next? future releases from MLS

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