New York Giants fans flock to unlock Super Bowl videos

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I got a chance recently to catch up with Nilay Shah, director of digital media for the Giants. In the video interview below Nilay shares details of the Giant’s social media programing around the Super Bowl. Lots of great ideas here for teams and sponsors alike. After we spoke, Nilay shared with me a document summarizing the Giants’ social programs for 2011. Scroll to read that doc. Enjoy!

This interview is 11 minutes long...but be sure to watch all the way through (hint: around 7:40) in order to see a special offer for discounted tickets to our upcoming Fanographie Summit in London, sponsored by Wildfire.

Here's a recap of the Giants most recent social media initiatives:

New York Giants 2011 - Social Media Review

The Giants Organization leverages social media to engage with their fans and to give them every opportunity to feel as if they are “part” of the team.

By the Numbers

Currently ranked 3rd in the NFL with close to 300,000 followers on Twitter
Currently ranked 8th in the NFL with close to 2,000,000 “Likes” on Facebook
Currently rank 1st in the NFL with 300,000 fans on Google+
Currently rank 1st in Mobile App Downloads of all Verizon Teams with close to 300,000 app downloads in 5 months.

Increase in Social since Playoff Run
- Since making the playoffs Giants gained 150,000 new followers on Twitter. Prior to making the playoffs, the Giants averaged 12,500 new followers a month. This marks more than a 1000% increase in followers for the playoff run
- On Facebook the Giants gained 482,000 new likes in January/February, while averaging 25,000 a month for 2011
- The Giants have seen a 90% increase in Unique Visitors to in the month of January. The Giants had 1.9 million unique individuals visits in January to -Giants in season average was 1 Million- almost double!
- Playoff run yielded 187,204 new international fans on FB…during 2011 season regular season we added 120,000

Launched fan ticket contest which asked fans to tell us why they were the biggest Giants fan. The contest required a short description and a photo to support their claim. The Giants organization narrowed down the stories to 20 finalists and we let fans vote for what they considered the best story. The 10 stories with the most votes won. The 10 winners were each featured on this year 2011 Game Tickets (Home Games, 2 Preseason, 8 Regular season)
Total Views of Facebook Tab: 238,134 | Total Shares within Tab: 161, 045


NYG became first team in professional sports to integrate LIVE TWEETS in game broadcast during Giants preseason games. Also displayed live fan tweets throughout home games on video boards, pylons and ribbon boards. Fans were given a specific hashtag to contribute to all distribution channels.

Continued this during Breast Cancer Awareness where we allowed fans to submit tweets using #NYGBCA which appeared on all of our stadium distribution channels. Fans loved that we allowed them share with us how much the people they loved also loved the Giants.

The Giants launched an online mosaic to pay tribute to those affected by the tragic events of 9/11. Fans helped complete the mosaic by adding themselves to it via their FB/Twitter Profile Pictures. When adding themselves, fans could also put a message in the mosaic. The hashtag #NYGneverforget allowed fans on twitter to append themselves to the mosaic. In a span of 4 days leading up to 9/11 we had close to 20,000 unique people join the music. The list included celebrities, fans and people who had no association with the Giants.

Tweet from fan: Michael Saks (Philly Suburbs)

I'm a diehard #Eagles fan but life is bigger than this game. Thoughts and prayers with the 9/11 victims & families #nygneverforget

Total Joins: 22,000 people | Unique Joins: 20,000 people

View Mosaic:

ALL SEASON - Extra Effort Player of the Game

Using the Mass Relevance platform, the giants created an “Extra Effort” Player of the Game which allowed fans to vote for who they considered to be player of the game. The unique nature of this program was that the votes were tallied based off twitter hashtags. The fans were given three players to chose from and each player was given a unique hashtag. For example, to vote for Eli Manning fans had to tweet #Manning10.

In partnership with Party City, the Giants allowed fans to vote via FB/Twitter on which Halloween costumes rookies would wear when they visited the hospital at the Giants Hopsital visit. Veteran players picked out the costumes:

Numbers: 2.5 Million Facebook Impressions | Votes: 7,000 | Facebook Likes/Comments: 2500


NFC East Champions/Super Bowl Champions Twibbon
In a goal to make things easier for our fans, we launched a unique feature that allowed fans to add a custom badge to their Facebook or twitter profile by clicking one button.

We also launched this when we won the NFC East and also after the Super Bowl

We had close to 30,000 fans add the badge to their profile picture in the span of 4 days --

Super Bowl Social Media Initiatives

Follow the Giants Players to Indy
To make things easy for our fans, we launched a microsite that allowed our fans to follow all players on the Giants who had twitter accounts. With one simple click, fans could follow close to 30 players.


Tolly Cam
The Giants launched Tolly Cam during the week leading up to the Super Bowl. The concept behind Tolly Cam was to give fans access to behind the scenes video footage each day if we reached “10,000” LIKES on our Facebook Page. Each day, Dave Tollefson (defensive end) would capture footage at practice, team hotel, lunch/dinner with a flip cam. What made this campaign a success is that this footage was behind the scenes that no blog, website or tv network could get.

The Giants averaged 1/3 more followers during those days as compared to other weeks.

Social Media Night - #NYGsocial
Thursday before the Super Bowl the Giants launched a social media night. The night featured four who answered questions submitted to them via Twitter. Each player was given a hashtag which allowed fans to submit their questions. The hour long LIVE webcast was broadcasted from the Giants Team hotel on

Also during the same time, four players were holding Google+ Hangouts with 40 lucky fans.

Olapic – Parade Photos
Partnered with Olapic to utilize their crowdsourcing photo technology which enabled us to create galleries of photos taken by fans during the parade. 1,000+ photos were collected from fans.

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  1. Frank Reed says:

    Great interview, Pat.

    I still act like a kid when it comes to the NY Giants and this year I really started to follow and watch their online efforts. It was very well done and added to the experience for me and my family. We follow the G-Men from NC so its nice to have a way to feel “closer” to the team and their efforts through the various SM efforts.

    Great work, Nilay, your team is truly enhancing our fan experience!

  2. dj says:

    i think this is a great idea because this gives the fans an opportunity to engage with the players and feel like they are one of the players on the team. You have alot of NY giants fans that follow the giants and watch every single game they play and this will be a good way to meet with them.

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