All sports fans are NOT created equal

Posted March 7th, 2012 by Pat Coyle   •   4 Comments   

I delivered this presentation yesterday in LA at an event hosted by ExactTarget. Some pretty surprising data inside about the value of social fans, email subscribers and female fans. Enoy!

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4 Responses

  1. Andrew Beinbrink says:

    Thanks for sharing Pat…good stuff. Enjoy the trip to London.

  2. Pat –

    Thanks for the presentation – the one thing that really surprised me was slide #11 – Women are as passionate, and more social sports fans. On the twitter groups I follow that are sports focused, I have found that to be very true.

    I completely agree that not all fans are created equal…and it is important on various levels, especially in terms of building revenue, that sports teams don’t treat fans the same.

    Thanks Pat for the insight and info


  3. Jack Griffin says:

    Pat, thanks for the info.
    My sport, sailing, has a very desirable (to sponsors) demographic. But the sport often makes these very smart people feel dumb, since sailing is hard to watch and hard to understand. My mission is to help people enjoy it. Especially the newcomers, but recognizing that the existing fan base is the foundation from which to build.

  4. Josh says:

    Awesome, Pat. Thanks for sharing! You’re right on with slide #15 — no doubt we’ll soon see a shift in the type of data teams pay attention to. Less about the game and more about the fan — in fact, I call this the beginning of Fan intelligence in a recent piece we published (

    Miami’s SunLife Stadium recently invested in a solution with IBM to track the “ebb and flow of humanity” inside of the 75,000 seat-building. Named the Intelligence Operations Center, operations staff will now be able to track everything from parking habits and bathroom break patterns to concession food levels and seating preferences.

    There are also a few hot startups in this space, namely YourSports. They’ve raised $1.7 million to build a breakthrough model to capture the “social graph” of sports fans.


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