Using Klout to leverage influence in sports

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The more I think about Klout, the more I think about Brad Pitt in Moneyball. If you saw the movie, or read the book, then you’ll know that what Billy Beane discovered a single statistic (on-base-percentage) which seemed to be the key to scoring runs. He bet everything on this insight and fielded a team of misfits who were undervalued by everyone else in baseball. As other teams over spent for players based on faulty understanding of data and flawed professional instincts, the A’s used on-base-percentage to buy wins for a fraction of what other teams were paying.

So how does on-base-percentage relate to influence? If it’s true (as Klout says) that 6% of online people drive 80% of social influence, then perhaps focusing on influencers rather than buying “reach” is a more efficient strategy. In theory, sports marketers could leverage Klout to target the influencers and avoid (over) paying for exposure in sports telecasts and in sports arenas. This deck illustrates my notes and early ideas related to the concept of leveraging influence in sports…

To be clear: I don't work with Klout, although I would like to. I have shared this deck with them, and I do hope that soon they might engage me to help them build their sports channel. Even if Klout never comes up for air, I'd appreciate hearing from others on this topic. If you have any thoughts on my work, or on Klout, please share them here. I'd be interested in hearing what others perceive to be the potentials for leveraging influence in sports marketing

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